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Benefits of Water Soluble Fertilizers

Water soluble fertilizers are fertilizers that easily dissolve in water and as well added/leached to the soil easily. Such fertilizers have high basic components of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus, meaning their benefits to plants is high. They are usually used to boost the soil nutrients which make it possible and easy for plants to survive and grow healthy. Compared to non-soluble fertilizers, water soluble fertilizers have a lot of benefits. Such include being absorbed into the soil faster and easily, hence ensuring that plants grow while rich in vitamins. Apart from this, other benefits of water soluble fertilizers include, but not limited to the following;

To start with, water soluble fertilizers are less expensive as compared to non-soluble fertilizers. One of the things that make many people opt for water soluble fertilizers is that they are not as expensive as the non-soluble ones. Therefore, when you opt to buy this kind of fertilizer, you are sure that you’ll save a lot of money. You, therefore, need to visit various manufacturers or dealers near you and view their prices for these water soluble fertilizers. Ensure that the manufacturer that you8n are choosing sells/supplies the fertilizer at an affordable price.

Water soluble fertilizers are easy to apply and they do provide even feeding. In the application of water soluble fertilizers, a drip is mainly used. This is where you just dissolve the fertilizer in water, put the solution in a container, and then drip it at the base of the plant. This is time-saving, unlike the non-soluble fertilizers which you have to spend your time applying in each plant at a time. Therefore, when you are looking for an ideal fertilizer to use for your plantation, it is wise and recommended that you consider a fertilizer that dissolves in water as it will save you a lot of time.

Water soluble fertilizers are the best option for large plantations. If you have a large plantation where you need to apply the fertilizer, doing it to each plant at a time may be very tedious and overwhelming. However, while using water soluble fertilizer, you can simply use methods such as over-spray which is normally done through planes and drones. This means that no matter the size of the plantation that you may be having, using a soluble fertilizer is easy, faster, and most importantly hassle-free. You, therefore, need to consider choosing the best water soluble fertilizer to use for your farm, especially if it’s a large-sized farm.

Finally, using water soluble fertilizers reduces the risk of burning your plants. In many cases, use of certain fertilizers may be risking your plants from burns, which adversely affects then production. Water soluble fertilizers reduce the risks of burns on plants, hence ensuring that production is not affected. To ensure that plants are facing zero risks, it is wise that you keep the directives and instructions given especially when diluting. The given procedures for the application process should as well be observed to ensure that your plants are protected.

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